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 Preface to the Third Edition

The Atlas of Regional Anesthesia continues to receive widespread recognition and use as a tool for individuals performing regional anesthesia and pain medicine procedures. Again, the most rewarding feedback comes from physicians-in-training who offer that they “can actually make regional anesthesia work after reading the Atlas.” Once again the question needs to be asked: Why create a third edition of the work? We have undertaken the revision to expand the authorship to include physicians carrying out procedures that are important in many practices and to update specific techniques, especially those in our chronic pain practices, with advances developed since the mid-1990s. I am especially thankful to my three outstanding contributors for this third edition, Drs. André Boezaart, James Rathmell, and Richard Rosenquist. Each has added his unique experience to new sections of this work. We also welcome a new artist to this edition, Ms. Joanna Wild. She has captured the spirit of the earlier editions’ images while continuing to simplify the presentation of these regional block techniques.

In this revision we have added six chapters, updated most of the other chapters, and reorganized earlier chapters and some new ones into a section on techniques for chronic pain. The new techniques added to this third edition include ultrasound use in regional anesthesia, continuous nerve block techniques, paravertebral blocks, selective nerve root injection, implantable intrathecal catheter placement, and the basics of spinal cord stimulation. Again, I want to thank so many colleagues across the country who share a belief that as they become more adept at regional anesthesia and pain medicine techniques their patients continue to be the real winners.

David L. Brown

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