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Chapter 14 – Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Block


When the lateral cutaneous femoral block is combined with other lower extremity blocks, it allows lower leg procedures to be carried out with fewer complaints of tourniquet pain. It also allows superficial procedures on the lateral thigh, including skin graft harvesting. In a pain practice, it allows the diagnosis of myalgia paresthetica, which is neuralgia involving the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

Patient Selection.

Like the femoral nerve block, the lateral femoral cutaneous block is carried out with the patient in the supine position. Thus, almost any patient is a candidate.

Pharmacologic Choice.

The same concerns about local anesthetic choice that were outlined for sciatic and femoral blocks apply to the lateral femoral cutaneous block. If multiple nerves to the lower extremity are to be blocked, it is wise to be aware of the mass of drug utilized. Conversely, this nerve does not have motor components, so a low concentration of 10 to 15 mL of local anesthetic is effective.

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